DANISH SUN ENERGY is a leading PV system solution provider and has capabilities from technology, financing, engineering, planning, implementation, commissioning, service & maintenance for a PV Solar Plant.

Our Business Model

  • Today, DANISH SUN ENERGY is a leading system solution provider and specialists within the renewable energy sector, especially within PV Solar Plants.
  • We have a long experience in:
    • Green Field Development,
    • Project Acquisitions,
    • Project Management,
    • PV Solar Plant Design,
    • System Engineering,
    • Irradiation Analysis,
    • Component selection & Global Supplier Network,
    • Electrical Infrastructure,
    • Logistic Management,
    • Construction Supervision,
    • Operation & Maintenance,
    • Remote Monitoring,
    • Business Modelling and
    • Financial Management.
  • DANISH SUN ENERGY is headquartered in Noerresundby, Aalborg, Denmark and has a development/engineering team in Denmark, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania and Spain.
  • The key markets for DANISH SUN ENERGY have historically been third world countries with Kenya as the primary focus, and later Bangladesh, Nepal, Lebanon. In the last few years, as we have reached grid parity and COVID-19 has made travelling difficult, we are again focusing on European countries.

Additional Info

  • The people/staff within DANISH SUN ENERGY has delivered more than 800 PV Solar Systems to the market, most of them within roof based projects from smaller residential systems to large scale projects.
  • We have delivered more than 75 MWp PV Solar Plant roof/land to the market and we have a development pipeline >2,000 MWp PV Solar Plants in Denmark, Kenya, Latvia, Spain.
  • The largest land based PV Plant we have participated in, that is now in operation (by 2021), is a 52 MWp/40 MWac PV Solar Plant in Malindi, Kenya and the largest turnkey EPC project is 17.25 MWp/15 MWac in Ringkøbing/Denmark (in 2015), which was delivered in 92 days from signing of Contract to Grid Connection.
  • Please consult us or refer to our website for references.

The Founding Members

  • The Founding Members of DANISH SUN ENERGY are:
    • Lars Christensen, through LC Holding, Noerresundby ApS (Corp. Reg. No: DK-30505573) who has been active in the Solar Business since 2007, initially with thermal solar, later with PV Solar Plants for the Scandinavian Market, where he has built a substantial distribution network as well as a broad global supplier base.
    • Carsten Tilm, through TILM Management ApS (Corp. Reg. No: DK-34046085) who started in the Solar Business in 2009, where he became a private investor into the PV Solar business, initially with an acquisition of a 50% ownership of a 1 MWp PV land based Solar Plant in Germany and later with another 20% ownership of a 1 MWp PV land based Solar Plant in Germany.
  • Our Partner is also:
    • In 2014, Lars Fogh, through Lars Fogh, Aalborg ApS (Corp. Reg. No: DK-36438517), decided to invest into DANISH SUN ENERGY with an Equity Investment and join the board as a Financial Expert.
    • Today, Lars Fogh is the largest shareholder in DANISH SUN ENERGY and has strengthened DANISH SUN ENERGY’s Financial Basis with his total Group Value Equity of 28 mio EUR (207 mio DKK).